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Free and Powerful Ways to Make Money Where 95% of the Work is Done for You!


Ways to Make MoneyIn 2006, we learned ways to make money working 1 hour a $10 website & 5 free blogs to generate lots of free traffic  See Proof  to sell anything we want.  And our income keeps growing every year!  The best part... a full time income working just 1 hour a day!  We'll show you how we do it so you can too!


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Ways to Make Money

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We use a formula to create and promote the GDI website so it gets to the top of the search engines.   When someone searches for Ways to Make Money Onlinekeywords/phrases that the website pages are built around, the sites show up right in front of their face within seconds.   See Proof   That is target marketing on steroids.  We put banners and links on the websites/blogs and link them to the affiliate sites.  People click on the affiliate site links, watch the sales videos and join automatically 24/7.  It helps us earn passive income and is the easiest job we've ever had!  Work 1 hour - get paid for 8!

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Best Ways to Make Money  Online
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The Secret to Success!  Choose low cost, high income, top rated A+ BBB affiliate companies. 

High BBB rated companies also may provide free company Ways to Make Moneyvideos & replicated sites that help you make money online by doing the selling for you. Then you develop and promote those free company videos & sites to the top of search engines using keywords and  our training.  Don't worry, no special codes or training needed.  If you can type, you can set up your own GDI website or blog.  When someone searches for  your keywords, your sites with the company videos pop up to the top and do the selling for you! This system can work for you 24/7!


  1. Decide what you would like to promote with your GDI website and blog.  Choose something that has a video or (banner link to a video site) you can put on your GDI website or blog.
  2. Research what keywords/phrases people are searching for on the Internet that are Buy KeyWord Rich Domain Namesrelated to the theme you chose.  We use the Google Keyword tool.  Make a list of phrases that get around 5,000 searches a month that have low competition.
  3. Choose a GDI domain name that includes the keyword phrase you chose.  Matching it exactly to your keyword is best.
  4. Join GDI under our link.  We will automatically receive an email letting us know you are a new customer and will send you our training.


 We've been working from home for years with Ways to Make Money this system.  Our income continues to grow every year, even during a great recession.  It's been the easiest work we've ever done, and it has paid us the most!

Most people fail in their own business for lack of customers or prospects and advertising is so expensive nowadays, you can eat up all your profits too easily and end up making too little, or even going into debt.  Using a GDI website and blogs with our system can not only make you successful with GDI, it can help you become successful promoting anything you want!

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